OpenMoko 2007.2 on Palm TX (UPDATE!!!)

After a few days with some problems to build an OpenMoko *.ext2 image for my TX I get the new UI run on the Palm TX!

Here is a quick guide:

  1. Get the TX-Kernel from here and unpack all to the SD-card.
  2. Download the rootfs, copy to the /linux folder on your card and rename to rootfs.ext2 or build your on rootfs with the MokoMakefile (you have to edit the /build/conf/local.conf and set MACHINE=“palmtx“, IMAGE_FSTYPES = „ext2“, IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE_ext2=102400)
  3. Edit /etc/Xserver to adjust the DPI settings and add:
    „Palm TX“)
    ARGS=“$ARGS -dpi 150 -screen 320×480 -hide-cursor -root-ppm /usr/share/pixmaps/xsplash.ppm“ ;;
  4. Generate a swap file: dd if=/dev/zero of=swap.fs bs=1024 count=65536 and copy it to the /linux directory on your card.
  5. Tap Cocoboot and see OpenMoko booting!

I want to thank Marex, |miska| from Hack&Dev and the guys from OpenMoko IRC for their help!

Greetings, zefanja


  1. Luis

    Please, can you emial me the instructions step by step??

    I have the TX and my notebook with Win Vista, i need to install linux in my notebook????


  2. ApheoXAIO

    So this is a quick guide, is there a Long guide easy to understand?
    This would be pretty smoking cool if I could get it working.

    Could you either make a guide or email me all the created files (Swap files and such) and a quick guide?

  3. Leandro

    Hi, I Want to install it on my PALM TX, but, i need more clear instructions. if some one can email me some instructions y will be very thankfull.
    my email is: and my blog is http:\\

    Thanks of another Palm Os coperation

  4. zefanja

    ok…some people ask for a more detailed guide: I think the guide is clear enough.

    Download the tx-kernel from the first link and then build your own rootfs with the MokoMakefile or download the image I build (its from Sep 2007). To do Step 3 you need a ssh connection to your TX. Search „usb networking“ in Run Step 4 your linux terminal.

    Openmoko on TX is slow, maybe very slow.


  5. nicolas

    this is very nice thanks zefanja 😀

    i would like to try openmoko 2007.2 image on my tx but i dont have a linux machine

    could you upload it (i think you uploaded the 2007.1) please?

    thanks again for the tutorial zefanja

  6. zefanja

    the image is a 2007.2 one. But I recommend you to build a knew one because things changed and new apps are availible. You can also build a qtopia image with OpenEmbedded or the MokoMakefile.


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