OpenMoko on Palm Treo 650

OpenMoko on Palm Treo 650

Today I get a working rootfs for my Palm treo 650. I build it with the MokoMakefile from Openmoko project.

Thank you guys from hackndev for your help!

Here some screenshots:

Greetings, Zefanja

3 Gedanken zu „OpenMoko on Palm Treo 650

  1. Good start. I wonder where the white rectangle framing the framebuffer (sic!) does from… this should be fixed in kernel.

  2. Hallo,

    Both Mike Sheldon and yourself report having been successful in running openmoko in treo 650 systems: Great!!!

    I have spent the last week looking for documentation and compiling openmoko. I just need to achieve the final step which is actually booting it from the SD card on my treo 680.

    Can you help me (- actually many of us 🙂 -) out by outlining the steps you followed to get openmoko up and running on your treo 650, please. Danke viel Mals.

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